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As the perfumer of NISHANE’s iconic scent ANI (launched in 2019),Cecile Zarokian is a Paris-based independent perfumer who founded hercompany in 2011.She has created over a hundred fragrances for various brands in the European and Middle East perfume markets.In addition toher creation skills as a perfumer infine fragrance, homecare andbody care, Cecile works with international brands as a consultant in scent branding, helping them to create and develop their olfactory identity. Her scent marketing expertise leads her to design multi-sensory experiences for unique events and activations. She also runs master classes, workshops and perfume seminars in North, Central and South America, Asia, and Europe.

NANSHE is the name of aSumerian goddess of fertility, water and social justice, which was believed to bethe patron of dreams and prophecy.She watched over orphans and widows, oversaw fairness, fresh water, birds and fish, fertility, and favored prophets, giving them the ability to interpret dreams accurately.Together with the perfumer Cecile Zarokian, the main challenge was to create a scent that reflects the kind, compassionate, welcoming and wise attributes of this divine figure.Itis aimed to bringfertility for more positivevibesandsoulsto make the world a better and fair place to live. A world wheretheforgotten, the poor, the lonely, and disenfranchise dare looked after