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Beaufort London Perfume: Timeless Aromas You Can't-Miss

Beaufort London is a niche fragrance house that tells stories. The brand has a distinguished reputation and captivates people's hearts with its alluring fragrances that tell stories of sophistication, intrigue, and history. 

Leo Crabtree, a writer and musician, founded the company. The brand proudly takes inspiration from the rich history of Britain, both fictional and real. Every Beaufort London Perfume is a carefully developed fragrance aroma that immerses its owner in a particular era, setting, or historical occasion.

Scented Legacies: Beaufort London's Historical Inspiration

Beaufort London results from Crabtree's "Proustian obsession with scent" and his lifelong fascination with fragrances. It honours the rich cultural legacy of the British Isles. Crabtree is motivated by Marcel Proust's idea that smells can arouse strong emotions and meaningful associations with the past in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

Going beyond focusing only on aroma, BEAUFORT LONDON honours the craft of perfumery as a means of personal discovery and expression. Beaufort London Perfumes inspires its wearers to embrace their personality and the transforming power of fragrance with a philosophy based on creativity, honesty, and individuality.

Beaufort London Perfumes - A Commitment to Quality and Artistic Vision

The brand Beaufort London is based on fine craftsmanship and creative vision. It exclusively uses the best ingredients, obtaining them from reliable vendors worldwide. The brand turns Crabtree's historical themes into aromatic compositions in partnership with prominent perfumers. Because of its commitment to excellence, Beaufort London perfumes are elegant and memorable.

Beaufort London Perfumes: The Debut Collection

Beaufort London debuted in 2015 with the release of the "Come Hell or High Water" triptych. This philosophy established the brand's fundamentals. These Eau de Parfums, 1805 Tonnerre, Coeur de Noir, and Fathom V addressed the themes of British battle, trade, and exploration.

  • 1805 Tonnerre: The scent transports you back to the smoke-filled battlefields of the Napoleonic Wars and the booming sound of cannons. Scent notes of opoponax, leather, and gunpowder combine to create a robust and captivating aroma. You can also buy this best-selling Beaufort London perfume online. All the scents by Beaufort London are individually hand-wrapped to make every person who owns it feel special. 
  • Coeur de Noir: This scent explores the secrecy of London's underworld in the eighteenth century. Its rich, enigmatic blend of tobacco, tar, and incense notes captures the spirit of smoky pubs and hidden meetings. The scent also captures the beauty of the sea and the creative spirit it awakens, like yachts and nautical fiction.
  • Fathom V: is an aromatic green fragrance for both men and women. Launched in 2016, the scent has top notes of Soiltincture, juniper berries, black currant and tangerine, middle notes of Lily, Mimosa and jasmine and base notes of Oakmoss, Salt, Vetiver and Patchouli. The scent takes you back to the era of exploration. The combination of floral notes and intense dark spices outlines the push and pull of the oceanic currents. Order this one of the best Beaufort London Perfumes now!!

Buy the best Beaufort London perfume in Australia: Exploring the latest Editions.

The "Come Hell or High Water" line established the foundation for a broad and continuously developing line of Beaufort London Perfumes. Every new edition offers a distinctive scent experience while exploring a different aspect of British history. Here's a peek at a few of their fascinating works:

  • Lignum Vitae: This scent honours the rum trade in the Caribbean. With this perfume, you are the master of your time! Motivated by the accuracy of the old sea clocks drawn out from unique wood, metal, and salt, it used these to transport you back to a period in history when you found yourself. Warm and inviting, with notes of molasses, rum, and rich woods, it transports one to exotic Caribbean islands and lively port cities.
  • Vi Et Armis: This powerful fragrance is inspired by Roman Britain. Leather, iron, and smoky incense evoke the Roman soldiers' image and the steel clash. It is an addictive fragrance with top notes of black pepper, tea leaf, and cardamom, middle notes of whiskey and opium, and base notes of tobacco, birch, and oud.
  • Iron Duke: This adventurous and strong fragrance has deep, animal-like notes and blurs the line between man and beast. It conjures up a picture of a horse and a rider, with a whim of metal, cognac, snuff, and saddle soap blended with a base of oud, leather, and hay. Crisp citrus notes blend with leather and wood, creating a sophisticated and masculine scent. Those looking to buy the best Beaufort London Perfume should try this fragrance.
  • Rake & Ruin: Inspired by William Hogarth's works, this playful fragrance captures the spirit of the Regency era. It's a light and whimsical blend of citrus, florals, and a touch of musk, best for lavish parties and a life of indulgence.

Whether you're drawn to the cozy embrace of Lignum Vitae or the smoky intensity of 1805 Tonnerre, a Beaufort London scent is ready to take you back in time and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Beaufort London Perfumes are the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication in the fragrance industry. With their captivating storytelling, exquisite artistry, rich legacy, and unwavering devotion to excellence, Beaufort London captivates the senses and pushes the boundaries of scent.


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